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Equilibrium of an ecosystem

Equilibrium of an ecosystem

The equilibrium of an ecosystem,
Is needed to be known,
If life is to remain stable,
And for us to understand the limits,
Of the balance of the ecosystem,
So that we can efficiently and successfully,
Monitor and control,
The cycles like the nitrogen cycle,
Or the effects of the greenhouse gases etc.

We can see the equilibrium of the ecosystem,
By looking at the 'State of Nature',
Through my sequence logics or love logics,
And seeing what values are stable,
And what are the core values,
Of the ecosystem.

Once we find these values,
We may know the limits to these values,
Which means we will know,
When the ecosystem is in danger,
Of pollution,
Or when it is naturally changing,
Because of natural evolution.

We therefore need to know percentages,
Of the values within the equilibrium,
Of the ecosystem,
So that the facts can be monitored,
And controlled successfully.

The State of the Nature logics,
'Start' with the most abundant and powerful values,
And then move towards the less powerful,
And abundant values,
In the ecosystem.

This is a way,
Where we can find truths and statistics,
To maintain equilibrium and balance,
And so that we can operate,
And make the ecosystem work,
At its potential,
So that we can prosper and maintain health,
Through the whole time,
Of its evolution.

This is the wisdom,
Of environmental success,
And it needs to be addressed,
Right now.

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